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Stem Cell Transplant

  • Mesenchymal stem cells is a kind of multipotent stem cells, which is founded originally from marrow. It attracts more and more attention due to its functions, such as multipotential differentiation, hematopoietic support, promoting stem cell implantation, immunoregulation and self replication etc. Mesenchymal stem cells can repair the damaged tissues and organs, and has strong immunoregulation ability. Under the internal and external special induction condition, mesenchymal stem cells can be divided into many kinds of tissues cells, like fat, bone, muscle, nerve, liver, kidney, endothelial cells. With continuous passage culture and cryopreservation it still has multipotential differentiation, so it can be used as ideal seed cells to repair the damaged tissues and organs caused by ageing and pathological changes.

    Step one: Mesenchymal stem cells is used with the form of intravenous drops;

    Step two: Mesenchymal stem cells can arrive at Renal capillaries with blood flow;

    Step three: Mesenchymal stem cells target to damaged kidney cells;

    Step four: Stem cells differentiate to repair the damaged cells;

    Step five: The damaged cells get renewal and regenerate

    Step six, kidneys become to be normal.

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