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Plasma Exchange

Plasma exchange is a kind of way to eliminate middle and macro molecule elements blood purification, drawing blood from blood bump to plasma separator, separating plasma and cell element, eliminating pathogenic plasma and toxic elements in the plasma selectively and, making cell elements blood purified and displacing liquid body needs supplement back to body.

Step one: Drawing patients’ blood from blood bump to separator;

Step two: Separating molecular weight lower than blood cell’s plasma elements including immune complex and cell factor and immune globulin;

Step three: Bring blood cell separated back to body and plasma going though element separator with less membrane pore;

Step four: Helpful substance separated such as albumin, amino acid, glucose and electrolyte back to body;

Step five: Abandoning the relative molecular mass far more than albumin pathogenic elements such immune globulin, cell factor;

Step six: Bring back fresh plasma with amount of albumin to patients’ body.

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