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I Can Walk Now

I Can Walk NowChandra, male, is from India. And he also is a patient with Diabetes Nephropathy and kidney failure. He has suffered from diabetes for 15 years. This is the second time that he came to our hospital. When he came to our hospital, his blood pressure is 150/100mmHg, potassium is 5.33mmol/L . He can not stand by himself and he came to ward with wheelchair. And he can not see things clearly. Besides, there is ammonia tastes in patient’s mouth. And he always have a senses of fatigue. In addition to, he also has the symptom of uracratia. Bed-wetting occurs frequently.

With professional consultation and scientific treatment, patients have a good recovery. And he looks good. The ammonia tastes in mouth disappear. With the application of herbal medicines for one week, high potassium is 3.83mmol/L, and then, he can walk by himself. And he can not feel fatigue anymore. More importantly, he can see things clearly. he can control his urination very well. The time of uracratia is decreased obviously.

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