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Chinese Medicine Gives Me Another Change to Live Healthily

Name : Nehru

Gender : 52

Country : Canada

He came to our hospital with a wheelchair and he looked pale at that time. And there is serious swelling in his eyelid, which affects his eyesight seriously. And there is moist rale in his lung and there is lots of extra fluid in his lung. Besides, there is severe swelling in his low legs, which makes his leg become numbness.what is more, patients also has long term of psoriasis and skin itching. In addition to, patients also experience decreasing urine output. When he came to our hospital, his blood pressure is 160/100mmHg,

By applying special medical therapy, including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath and Enema Therapy and Medicated Bath, these treatment eliminate extra fluid out of body. His illness condition is getting better. The swelling on his eyelid disappear. He does not suffer from skin itching, fatigue any more. As time goes by, he talked and smiled a lot with nurses and doctors here. The most excited thing is to he can read newspaper without glasses.

Chinese Medicine Gives Me Another Change to Live HealthilyThe changes on his physical condition before and after treatment :

  before treatment after treatment
proteinuria 3+ 3+
blood in urine 1+ 1+
phosphorus  1.60mmol/L 1.56mmol/L
creatinine  319umol/L 295umol/L
urea  23.9mmol/L 15.5mmol/L
urine output  700ml 1600ml

When he went home, he also took a great deal of medicines to consolidate his condition. We do hope that he can live a health life in the futher. 

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