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I Can Live Healthy Gain with Chinese Medicine

I Can Live Healthy gain with Chinese MedicineName : Tony

Gender : male

Age : 73

He was diagnosed with hypertensive nephroapthy stage 3 (advanced stage), chronic kidney failure (advanced stage), type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, silent myocardial ischemia, hepatitis c in our hospital.

Illness presentation

He has been experienced headache and dizziness for ten years, high creatinine level for 18 months, dialysis for six months.

Illness condition 

  blood pressure  creatinine level  blood urea nitrogen uric acid  potassium  calcium phosphorus
before treatment 170/90mmHg 867umol/L 28.2mmol/L 485umol/L 5.54mmol/L 2.05mmol/L 1.97mmol/L
after treatment  150/90mmHg 664umol/L 25.3mmol/L 284umol/ 4.60mmol/L 2.21mmol/L 1.75mmol/L

Patients do dialysis treatment three times a week when he at his country, but his creatinine level is not reduced at all and he has been suffered a lot of complications. In addition to, his urine output is less than 300ml. After using the treatment in our hospital, his urine output is increased to 700ml. After one week, his urine output is increase to 1000ml. What is more, at present, he do dialysis once a week.

Now, he is at his country, We talked with patient more or less through video, we fell that he live healthily, now. We do believed that this abroad travel is worth having for him.

The natural treatments he used in our hospital are “four ‘one’” treatment, medicated bath, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

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