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Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro Chinese medicine is a kind of unique Chinese medicine external application treatment, applying the herbal bags with Chinese medicine active material on the patient’s back, paralleling his kidney, shen shu acupoint, herbs molecule by the vibrating of a treatment machine, permeating through human body from skin, cell space and tissue space and rete sequentially, finally getting into kidneys to improve kidneys’ micro-circulation and restore kidney’s damaged function effectively.

Step one,

Applying the herbal medicine bag on the patient’s back, Shen shu acupoint, starting the treatment machine.

Step two,

Herbs molecules permeate into body through skin surface, from epidermis, dermis, hypodermis sequentially.

Step three,

Chinese medicine molecules in the body permeate through kidneys and flow with blood in the blood capillary of kidney.

Step four,

Chinese medicine molecules enlarge the damaged blood capillary to improve circulation’s smoothness.

Step five,

Chinese medicine molecules will degrade the increased extracellular matrix and recover damaged cell to normal.

Step six,

Chinese medicine molecules will dispel blood stasis in the blood vessel gradually with circulation and can remit anoxia (oxygen-poor) of micro circulation. At this time, kidneys go back to normal. The whole body is full of Chinese medicine molecules keeping body function normal through blood circulation.

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