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Medicated Bath

Medicated Bath is a special treatment of traditional Chinese medicine external therapy. The medicines will act on the intramuscular spaces and acupoints. As a result, the meridians and kidneys will function in a better way.

When patients are receiving the herbal medicated bath, their nerve endings will be activated. And through the reflection and conduction of nervous system, these active nerve endings will accumulate nerves, body fluids and immune system to adjust into a good order. Besides the physiological activities and changes of viscera, tissues, and organs will be improved into a good state. The immunity and premunition of patients will also be enhanced.

In a word, this herbal medicated bath will exert a great influence in preventing and curing kidney diseases.

Step one: Body is immersed in liquid

Step two: Drug gradually penetrate through human skin into vivo. Drug flows with blood

Step three: Drugs go into the capillaries

Step four: Drugs into the kidneys eliminate kidney sediment

Step five: Under the influence of drugs gradually swelling will vanish.

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