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Stem cell for kidney failure

Certain stem cells and immune cells will be injected into body to activate human body's self-healing capability, regulate and control the diseased cells, activate cell function, increase the number of normal cells, enhance cell activity, improve the quality of cells and recover cell normal physiological functions.

Stem cells can differentiate into renal intrinsic cells, renal parenchymal cells which can replace the dead and necrotic renal cells and tissues and activate regeneration of body's own cells. These new functional cells can help repair kidney damages and rebuild kidney functions.

Stem Cell Therapy has not been commonly used in every country. Some argue that it is immoral to collect embryonic stem cells from the embryos because embryos is one form of life. Some people worry that companies will provide funds for in vitro fertilization and artificial abortion to obtain more cell lines and they suggest more researches on adult stem cells and give up embryonic stem cell research.

Nowadays, in China, mesenchymal stem cells or umbilical cord blood stem cells are used to replace embryonic stem cells.

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