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Foot Bath

Chinese Herbal Medicated Foot Bath is one of the special external-used Chinese medicine therapies. Based on the feet heat effects and medicine’s curative effects, the effective ingredients in medicine can circulate through blood capillary vessels to whole body. In this way, it can achieve the effects of opening the meridians and collaterals, improving blood circulation, promoting metabolism, regulating the nervous system. Also it can realize the aims that using external ways treats inner disease, using bottom treatment treats upside diseases. In this way, it can make sure the medicines be circulated to collateral channels of whole body through foot, also can avoid the adverse reaction caused by oral taking an overdose of medicines.

Steps of Chinese Herbal Medicated Foot Bath

Step one: immerse both feet into Foot Tub with medicinal decoction, the temperature should increased from 37 centigrade to 40 centigrade.

Step two: with the increase of temperature, the medicine enter into body through foot cortex.

Step three: the medicines flow with blood in vessels.

Step four: the medicines in blood vessels can promote cells and tissues’ metabolism, improve blood circulation.

Step five: continue foot bath for 2 hours, with body sweating for the degree. In this way the blood flow will be more fluently.

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