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Circle Therapy

Circle therapy is based on the meridian syndrome differentiation theory, through TCM Wang,Wen, Wen ,Qie, four diagnostic technology as a whole dialectical analysis of the disease, after identification of disease in the surface reaction sites and syndromes, then drug selection and prescription, made of traditional Chinese medicine,smashing and muding the Chinese medicine,smearing onto meridian acupoint in parts of the surface reaction, penetration through the meridian points, whirlpool channels and pores of the skin, forcing toxic out of skin , sending drugs gas into the lesions in organs, to clear the meridians, smooth blood contact, flat organs, harmonize qi and blood to balance Yin and Yang to be fit .

Step one: Meridian points of the body show;

Step two: Natural gas flows in the meridians , the part of the gas which has not yet entered into Meridian;

Step three: Gas into the capillary flow with blood;

Step four: With a good medication on the skin surface, so that the drug is swirling;

Step five: Natural gas gradually penetrate into the human skin surface;

Step six: Drugs play a role in the muscular form, the drug into the skin table; The medicine goes into viscera directly;

Step seven: Drug penetration into the body, the body of the gas pulled from the in vitro kidney surface stasis fades; Under the action of the drug, so that blood in the the capillary flow more smoothly.

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