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Hemoperfusion is a kind of blood purification drawing patients’blood from internal to extracorporeal system, eliminating toxic and metabolite through adsorption in the perfusion machine, coming into being different complex blood purification with other blood purification.

Step one: Patients’ blood vessel is mainly center temporary vein pipe. Upper limb’s artery exhausts because of making internal fistula repeatedly. Original fistula hemangioma or stenosis need artificial blood vessel fistula operation to build up hemodialysis extracorporeal circulation;

Step two: Body internal fistula plasty of vein and artery makes the blood in the artery flow into superficial vein to the extent of hemodialysis needing blood volume through surgery for vascular access;

Step three: Making vein and artery internal fistula puncture, and blood outputs from artery end, though the machine;

Step four: Activated carbon mainly rely on micro cellular structure’s physical adsorption which is not selective. Molecule adsorbed can move surface of adsorbent and can eliminate macro and middle molecule such as parathyroid hormone and RBP( Retinol binding protein) etc;

Step five : Blood flows into hemodialysis machine after being adsorbed in the hemoperfusion. Solute moves from highly concentrated solution to low concentration though Semipermeable membrane. Blood and dialyzate exchange in the machine by the Semipermeable membrane contact and concentration gradient to clean solute;

Step six: The blood purified goes back to patient’s body though vein. Hemodialysis and hemoperfusion, complementary strengths, can eliminate patients’metabolite, toxic, pathogenic factor comprehensively and adjust water and electrolyte balance and finally to the extent of inner environmental balance.

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